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Steen, David - Logghe, Jan

New technology for high temperature heat pumps

Steen, David

Design Engineer
Daikin Europe

Logghe, Jan

Product Planning Officer
Daikin Europe

Air to water heat pump systems are becoming more and more popular as an energy efficient alternative to the conventional gas or oil burner. Most of the air to water heat pumps for residential applications are using a single refrigerant cycle which makes them a perfect solution for low water temperature applications in new built houses. Refurbishment on the other hand, needs higher water temperatures to work on existing high temperature radiators. A new heat pump system has been developed as an efficient high water temperature heat pump, to fulfil this huge market demand. The new technology uses two refrigerant cycles in a cascade system, making them ideal for high temperature applications.

Worldwide awareness of energy consumption leads to a big challenge for residential heating applications. These applications now stand for the majority of fossil fuel used and need alternatives in order to enter a new era for the heating business.

In Europe, primary energy consumption is for 25 till 35% related to space heating and domestic hot water heating. This contributes for 20 till 30% of the total CO2 equivalent emissions. It’s clear that major CO2 equivalent emissions reductions can be achieved via energy savings in buildings, in which air to water heat pumps have a huge potential.

Air to water heat pumps has the potential to play an important role in assisting achieving the European 20-20-20 targets. Compared to traditional heating systems, air to water heat pumps have lower CO2 equivalent emissions, have lower primary energy consumption, and are recognised as using an aerothermal renewable energy source (RES directive). Obviously, heat pumps hold the key to a more sustainable use of resources, which is the reason that air to water heat pump systems gain more and more public and governmental attention. Their high efficiency and easy implementation contribute substantially to their big expansion and increased popularity we know today.

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