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Prof. Seppänen, Olli

Interjú dr. Martin Elsbergerrel. Az EPBD-Irányelv átdolgozása

Prof. Seppänen, Olli

professzor, főszerkesztő
REHVA Journal

Interview of Dr. Martin Elsberger, Policy Officer and Seconded National Expert at the European Commission, Directorate General for Energy for the REHVA European HVAC Journal.
Questions by REHVA Journal Editor Olli Seppänen.

Is the content of the new EPBD now agreed and accepted by all parties?

Yes, the political agreement was achieved at the fourth Trilogue (meeting of the rapporteurs of the European Parliament, Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU and representatives of theEuropeanCommission) on 17 November 2009. It is the result of intense negotiations between the co-legislators of the EU, whereby the Commission acted as a moderator, which took place between January and November 2009. Although positions were quite different at the beginning – the European Parliament asking for stricter requirements than were in the Commission’s proposal of the recast Directive; Member States being partially reluctant to accept all elements of the Commission’s text – a reasonable compromise could be found. That means of course not all parties got 100% of what they wanted, but the result is very positive, reasonable and a huge step forward.Nowit depends on thewill to properly, fully and effectively implement it. As soon as all procedural work is done (with regard to administrative impacts of the Lisbon Treaty and linguistic checks), the recast EPBD will be published in the Official Journal of the EU, coming into force 20 days after its publication.

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